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    • Flight Sim Labs explain why they put malware in premium DLC February 20, 2018
      Update, February 20: Flight Sim Labs say they were only targeting one user when they uploaded malware in a file for a premium aircraft.   The head of Flight Simulator X developers Flight Sim Labs has confirmed that the company did include malware in one of their jets, but says that the company was only […]
      Dustin Bailey
    • Why Human: Fall Flat's success is "f***ing crazy" February 20, 2018
      Usually, when a game releases, it has a bump of sales which then slope off over time. There are outliers, like GTA 5, which will sell and sell until we all inexplicably have multiple copies. But then there is Human: Fall Flat. It was released 18 months ago, selling enough to keep its creator happy, […]
      Julian Benson
    • Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC performance review: a highly demanding open-world February 20, 2018
      Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an ambitious game offering you a tantalising buffet of activities with which to amuse yourself in 15th Century Bohemia. Built on the CryEngine, this new world has its sights set on being the new Crysis; a real powerhouse of a game. So the big question is: how does it run? That’s […]
      Harry Shepherd
    • Age of Empires: Definitive Edition could still come to Steam February 20, 2018
      Age of Empires: Definitive Edition could eventually come to Steam. In an interview, the game’s creative director Adam Isgreen suggested to us that it’s possible that the game could move to the platform at some time in the future. Here's why Age of Empires still matters. When asked why Microsoft were focusing solely on Universal […]
      Ali Jones
    • AMD Ryzen 2 release date, specs, and performance February 20, 2018
      The upcoming AMD Ryzen 2 processors are set to arrive in April, with the refreshed 2000-series Pinnacle Ridge CPUs bringing with them a new lithography, higher clockspeeds, and improved efficiency.  Want to see how the current crop stack up? Check out our pick of the best CPUs for gaming. Vital stats
      Dave James
    • Assassin's Creed Origins' New Game Plus mode comes with a secret reward February 20, 2018
      Assassin’s Creed Origins gets its New Game Plus mode in an update due today. Released alongside the historical Discovery Tour, the mode will allow players to restart the story while maintaining their equipment. Assassin's Creed Origins' Discovery Tour mode proves that games can provide more than just entertainment. Essentially, New Game Plus allows you to […]
      Ali Jones
    • The best sex games on PC February 20, 2018
      Sex games. They are all around us. They are leaking out of the walls. They are flooding up through the floorboards. "Where are all these sex games coming from?" screams your mother, as she puts the sofa up on cinder blocks to protect it from the rising tide of sex games. "Get all of the […]
    • Fortnite leaves the dark ages with space-themed season three battle pass February 20, 2018
      The second season of Fornite: Battle Royale is nearly over, which means it’s time to prepare for season three. With that in mind, Epic have revealed details for the next season, and it looks like you’ll be heading to the stars. Here are some Fortnite tips and tricks to help you secure that Victory Royale. […]
      Ali Jones
    • Rainbow Six Siege microtransactions "will never affect gameplay" February 20, 2018
      Ubisoft say they aren’t “cheating anyone” with the upcoming lootbox system for Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft’s brand director Alexandre Remy defended the microtransactions in an interview with MCV. Here's everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak. Remy says that while he empathises with players over the lootboxes, “at the same time I do not […]
      Ali Jones
    • Final Fantasy XV PC: release date, first-person mode, DLC, Nvidia graphics, system requirements - everything we know February 20, 2018
      Final Fantasy XV is absolutely coming to PC. While we always thought it would, Square Enix have now confirmed that a super-powered version of the console JRPG will arrive on PC in 2018. The original had a lengthy and turbulent development process but was well received when it finally released. It has also gone on […]